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November 15, 2011

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It happens all the time. Someone who has donated time and heart’s blood to the cause suffers from burnout.  I have had periods of burnout during which I didn’t blog, didn’t strategize and didn’t actively work for adoption reform. I’ve been in a burnout mode for several months due to some personal issues.  But I miss it and, God willing, I will be working effectively toward reform again soon.

That’s why I understand and appreciate these feelings in others. There are times when the effort of trying to move a mountain of legislative apathy, media misunderstanding and bureaucratic iniertia are just too much. But more often than not, it is the effort of trying to reason with adoption “deformers” who lack the ability to see the big picture or who are more intent on taking credit than achieving results. Been there and so has my friend, Triona. She recently returned to blogging about her personal struggle against adoption profiteering. And it’s inspiring!

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