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September 27, 2008


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My unplanned sabbatical is over.

Some readers already know that I lost my adoptive mom in late May and because I cared for her while she battled Alzheimer’s from 2003 until her death I was emotionally, physically and, even financially, exhausted. I spent several weeks deep in grief and unable to do much of anything. And I spent the better part of the next several months trying to get back on my feet in more ways than one. I have writing and editing work again now and both the time and energy to take on additional assignments so if you know someone who needs an editor (and can pay) or a ghost writer or just a writer, please do send them my way. Meanwhile, I am reading voraciously again and will be addressing reporting that I think misses the point again very soon.

Thanks for reading and thanks to many friends and colleagues who wrote, visited and called during those dark days.



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